Coffee, Surf, Beer: GrowlerWerks Plays Hookey

Listen, it's summer time and we understand that the weather is nice, the waves are good, and the beer is flowing like a river. So why the fuck are you still sitting at your desk reading this?! Our friends at GrowlerWerks and Cosube Surf Shop hit the road with us to escape the office for a day. 

We got our asses out of bed at 5 A.M., took a trip to the coast of Oregon, jumped into the freezing cold, shark infested water and drank beer because that's what life's about.  And while we're sure that your cubicle is super comfy and decorated like your favorite Pinterest board, we wanted to share our journey with you to help you escape for a few minutes.

So sit back, listen to the rad tunes of Velour Afternoon, and hate your day job a little bit more here: