Swoon: Nude Footage Of 90s Kate Moss

Calvin Klein Releases Never-Before-Seen
Nude Footage Of 90s Kate Moss

Strap yourself in for a chub inducing 30 seconds of our favorite super model, Kate Moss as shot by the fucking king, Mario Sorrentino (aka Mario Sorrenti). 

In a world where models and photographers are as basic as they come, this nostalgic narrative will remind you of better days. Days when you had nothing and simple needed enough sex and booze to make you sleep for a few hours. I am still in those days to be totally honest, but Sorrentino's narrative makes you feel as if you miss it with him.

The re-release of this footage comes as a teaser to Raff Simons' first fragrance with Calvin Klein "Obsession" as a tribute to the Mario Sorrentino's inconic 'Obsession' campaign from 1993.

Prep your bed tissue folks. This shit is fucking beautiful. Thank-you Mario. Thank-you Raff. Thank-you Calvin Klein. GOD BLESS KATE MOSS.