Artist Spotlight : Charity Evaughn - Desiigner, Lil Dicky & Anderson .Paak's XXL Freshmen Cypher 2016 Producer

Today we bring you an interview with Charity Evaughn, the pt 2 of Behind the beat of the XXL Freshman Cypher. We wanted to get to know Charity a little more and hear her take on the current industry. Lets get to know Charity Evaughn - Charity is the other half of the collaborative ( NateXCharity) that won the iStandard contest to be chosen to have the beat used on the XXL Freshman Cypher including Desiigner, Lil Dicky, and Anderson Paak. You can hear her unique style play through the music she creates. Finding inspiration throughout the limitless history of music, Charity has been inspired by some of the greats. We can see that Charity's name will be up there with the greats in the near future and this is what we wanted to bring to you. Everyone should keep an eye out for all of the work she is putting out! Find out a little more about Charity and her take on behind the beat of the XXL Freshman Cypher. 

Name: Charity Evaughn
Age: 28
Hometown: Houston, TX

Give us some insight on your background and how you got into producing? 

It always stemmed from my Dad being a music junkie. I would play in his record collection all day or he would have me to study different artist and bands. Stevie Wonder was always my favorite. Then when when Missy, Timbaland and Aaliyah started working together I was hooked. What they created together I knew I wanted to be apart of the music industry. I had to be down!  So I was always a fan first and the rest is really history. I went from being in the band, to dancing in the band, to officially creating the music I would want to dance to. 

What were your thoughts about the other cyphers? Alot of people were saying some of the MCs werent taking it serious this year, do you think this was true? 

I mean, it is what it is. I honestly think this years cypher is the new wave of music. And this is nothing new. Everybody complain about the cyphers every year. Albeit it is different from the cyphers I witnessed growing up, but I won't take away from today's generation and what they're doing. Their fans are loyal and voted them in. They put in the work for their spot. They're having fun with it so I wish all of them growth, success and most importantly longevity in this game. Im just grateful that Nate Coop and I were able to be apart of the conversation because we've been working just as hard. 

What inspires you most? 

What inspires me most is my surroundings. I love being around people that are just as driven as me and positive. Its a very important aspect of my creativity. That and traveling. Change of scenery is always great. Whatever it is that Im taking in at the time is what I put out. So Im most inspired when someone or something moves me and then I get to put out the same energy to help someone else be inspired. Thats what keep me going. Its a cycle. And of course my favorite producers from Timbaland, Missy, Dr. Dre, Focus, Quincy Jones, Prince, Drumma Boy, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Just Blaze, The Hitmen, Jermaine Dupri, Mike Dean, The-Dream, Babyface, S1 just to name very few. Its ridiculous because the list keeps going.

Upcoming projects?

Well, I recently produced an EP titled "King Pen" with Dante Higgins and now Nate Coop and I will be releasing a project together this year and we're also hosting a Freshman Cypher Contest with iStandard. I have more material brewing up with local artist as well as 3am Ugly. And Im aiming to put together an all female project. You'll definitely be seeing my name more!

Final thoughts, shout outs?

Just want to say thank you for the opportunity and for shedding the light on us and the hard work we're putting in to be great!  Its a must that I shout out everybody that supports me from my friends, family and the people that I don't know who respect me as person and me as a producer. Im very grateful and it feels good to hold it down for the ladies! We are definitely in the building!