Single Frame : Michael Sube | Kyle Stone

" This is probably my last photo in Dallas, Texas for awhile. I'm moving to Huntington Beach in 9 days and have a lot of stuff to get in order before then. This is Kyle stone. He fucking rips. He's also going with me for a bit to Huntington before catching a plane back or who knows maybe staying out there. I shot this on the random, I watched the gx1000 video and barged Dallas after chugging a few beers. We shot a nose grind on this wall rail about a year and a half ago and even though it was alright, I was highly upset with the way it came out. The spot has so much potential and I've seen countless photos shot almost the same way at this spot. From fisheye to your basic standard vertical portrait. I wanted something different. Not to mention you get kicked out of this spot on less than 5 min...usually. Not the case the other day. Anyways, like a lot of my work I stood on my car from the meter. Haha it worked out perfect. I'm stoked this will probably be the last photo in Dallas because I actually like it and for me to actually like a photo I shot is hard. 

 Cheers Kyle! "

- Michael Sube