It’s crazy to think sometimes, how certain things in life bring people together. For me, I think a lot of the best people I have met in my life have came through skateboarding. It’s a part of my life that I wish was more prevalent sometimes, but it’ll always be my roots and a huge part of who I am. Without skateboarding I would not be anywhere close to the person that I am proud to be today. Because of skateboarding I have been able to meet people like Perry Hall. We were both invited on a trip without knowing each other in February of 2010 and instantly we clicked, through skateboarding, hip hop, and just the love of the idea of the world. It was a month long trip with tons of dudes in and out of the van. Many long talks about everything from skating, relationships, the future, to thoughts on positive mental attitude and more. Sometimes people come around and no matter where they are at or if its been awhile since you’ve talked, they are family. This is something that rings true a lot within skateboarding and something I am ultimately grateful for. I’m lucky to be able to call Perry a friend/family and even more stoked to see him progress as a photographer and build a killer collection of work in a little over a year behind the lens. Don’t ever stop shooting, the world would be missing a chance to see the world through a unique perspective.  Perry and I were able to catch up for a little Q&A, hope you enjoy the read. Let us know what you think.


– Jeremy Davis


Take a read through our conversation below and keep an eye on Perry’s work here:






J: Alright so, lets get back to the roots a little bit. Youre originally from Maryland, right? What was it like growing up there?

P: Yeah, I’m originally from Maryland a small town called Chestertown. Growing up in Kent county, there wasn’t much to do… Let just say I’m glad I found skateboarding or I don’t know what kind of shit I would be into haha

J: Haha fair enough. Thats how it was where I grew up outside of Dallas too. Glad I escaped that trap.

P: Exactly!

J: By the way, Im bumpin your Maryland dude Logic right now, cant get enough of his shit right now

P: Logic is amazing! Check out “Oddisee” too

J: Damn definitely will check it!

Was it the boredom that got you into skateboarding and then inadvertently photography?

P: Yeah, I guess you could say after all these years of skateboarding, I didn’t grow out of skateboarding.. But, I was looking for something else to get into and I have always been into photography even before I picked up a camera.

J: Absolutely, I know what you mean. I think for a solid year I would take a camera on trips with me and never shoot one photo but I loved the idea of photography. Its an amazing medium.

At this point how long have you actually been shooting?

P: A little over a year now

J: Thats awesome, I wish that when I was shooting for a little over a year that I had a portfolio that looked like yours does.

Who and what currently inspires you to pick up your camera?

P: Thank you!

A lot of my friends that shoot photos are pretty much my main inspiration (too many people to name ), and people, places and things inspires me to shoot. I never leave the house without some sort of camera because there is always some crazy shit to shoot here in Rome haha

J: Yeah for sure! I feel the same way, I rarely leave the house without a camera.

For those people who are reading this and don’t know, you’re currently living in Italy. Tell me a little bit about Italy, give us some low-downs on the best and worsts.

P: Yeah, I currently live here in Rome, Italy. Italy is a pretty interesting place to live when you come from America.

Best is the food, wine, pace of life, language, people are very friendly, a very beautiful country as well. The worst is the that in small towns and some places in the city shut down in the middle of the day for 3 hours to go home (good for them).. So, you have to plan your shopping, or whatever.. Going to banks and post offices is an all day event haha, some banks don’t do certain things in the afternoon even though they are sitting there doing nothing, and people driving and parking here in Rome is insane!

J: Haha sounds awesome. I can back that. Does seem like a huge contrast from America.

What do you currently shoot with most or whats your favorite camera that you have?

P: Indeed it is a huge contrast from America.

I currently shoot with an Olympus AX, Canon AE1, and a Leica D-Lux 3

J: Nice dude! Thats rad, I shoot with the Canon F1 alot. Its really similar to the AE1.

We went on a pretty epic trip together, COCKFARM 2010 baby! We rolled deep with a crew, honestly I think at one point we had what, 11 or more dudes in the van?

P: Nice! Love the Canon F1! That’s a solid camera!

Yeah man, cockfarm 2010 trip was epic ( thanks Daniel Evans for inviting on that trip) ! Holy shit! Yeah, a month long trip with all the boys! Good times for sure haha

J: Did you know its still documented for all to see?

I have some film photos from that trip I shot at my parents house, gotta bust those out soon. Such a damn good time!

P: Yeah we had a bunch a dudes in that soccer mom van haha

J: That trip was so on point, and thats actually where I felt I got to know you and we clicked pretty good. Gambling, hip-hop, and talking some non-sense about anything and everything. Legendary all time best hip hop song?

P: Indeed it was! Yeah man, right from the start of trip me and you clicked and from then it’s history.

But shitttt.. All time legendary hip hop song?! Idkkk

Fuck it! Dead Prez – Hip Hop

J: I had it down to Dead Prez – Hip Hop and Gangstarr – Moment of truth.

P: Haha! Gangstarr for sure!

J: For Sure! Any projects, trips, or anything that you can share that you’re stoked about coming up soon?

P: Yeah, working on doing a collective photo exhibition here in Rome with all my favorite photographer friends from all over the world to showcase their amazing work, as well as mine.. So, that’s in the works right now.. As for trips, I leave tomorrow for Sardinia for a month to get married to my beautiful and badass soon to be wife! So, really excited about that!

J: Awesome! We will definitely get the updates out there to everyone as we get more details for the exhibition!

I cant even explain how stoked I am for you and your soon to be wife. Marriage is a beautiful thing and its always awesome when you see people who you care about find the person for them!

P: Thanks man! Indeed it is, I’m truly blessed.

J: Give the people some info on where to keep an eye on the work you put out. Insta, facebook, flickr, etc.

P: You can find me on:

Instagram @wanderdustphotography


Flickr as well

J: Alright man, last one, not too bad right? Not really a question but, you’re about to get married and you’re living the life in Italy. I couldn’t be happier for you man, I can’t make the wedding, but man I wish I could! You’re always a person that Im stoked on! I wish you the best of luck in everything that you’re doing. Keep shooting photos and can’t wait to see you sometime soon! Really stoked to have you as a COLLECTIVE MEMBER and to be able to have your contributions.

P: Yeah, not bad at all! Hope people are stoked on this haha! Thanks so much for this opportunity to be able to get my work out there into the world! Wish you could make it to the wedding! You will have to come visit sometime and eat some pizza and drink some wine with us! Thanks Jeremy and everyone at Field Report Collective for everything! Really stoked for this!

Same to you! It’s truly great to watch people grow from where you first met them! Keep doing real shit, Jeremy! You’re the man! Thanks once again my friend!

J: WAIT WAIT, one last quick question… Whats it like being the realist?!?!?!?!?!

P: What’s it like to be the realist?!?! I keeps REAL 100% all day, everyday haha


P: Please come visit us anytime, our door is always open

J: Will do!