Interview : Question Skateboards Founder Stefan Faure

Hey whats up man, lets jump right into it. Tell us a little about you and what is up with Question Skateboards.

What up Jeremy, thanks for having me.

Well my name is Stefan Faure, and I've been skating for a solid 15 years now. I just started Question Skateboards a few months back. Straight out of my hometown Roseburg, Or. Still working on getting everything together for a proper start for the new company.

Tell us a little about your video part

I just finished a short new video part that I filmed over the past months an is gonna be dropping with this interview. Always stoked for the stoke. I hope a few peeps get stoked off the new part.


What is the inspiration to create Question?

Question Skateboards is all about how each an every individual skater an non skaters look at what skateboarding is all about in there own perspective. A sport? A toy? An art form? A lifestyle?

The main inspiration for me behind Question Skateboards is "The World is Ours"


You’ve spent some time in Seychelles, for the readers that don’t know what that is tell us a little about Seychelles.

My Father is from The Seychelles Islands. A paradise island nation located off the east coast of Africa out in the Indian Ocean. I had the opportunity to live in the Seychelles from 2011-2014

How is the skating there?

The country only has one skatepark and its pretty rugged. 

Tell me about how living there shaped you and has influenced you.

While I was living in Seychelles I had the opportunity to start my own organization called "Seychelles Skate Scene"

I got to do Skate Lessons with some of the locals for awhile an that was awesome!

The island life was so laid back, the sun, sand, and sea is all you truly need!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is all the true day 1 homies.

Who is on board with Question as of this interview?

The Question Skateboards Team is currently Kevin Ketchem, Riley Paul, Anthony Tellone, and myself.

Where can the people find Question?

Thanks for doing the interview! Any last words?

My last words "Question Skateboards, NO Questions Asked."